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I was in the Kitsilano area and decided to go for some indian food. I happen to come across Jolly’s Indian Bistro

We arrived at 6 and there was alot of people outside, we had to wait about 30 mins for a table. This place is very small. We sat for quite a while before we were even served drinks and tables after us got it before us. The service was pretty slow and it took a long time to receive our meal.

I ordered a Meat Thali, it is a complete meal for $19.95. They start you off with a glass of beer, and a samosa.

This samosa was very good, it had potatoe and peas wrapped in a nice crispy skin servced with chick peas and chutney. I really enjoyed the sauce and is one of the better samosas I have tried.

Then comes the entree,which was a pretty big platter.

It had lamb, butter chicken and malabari chicken, papadum, naan, rice and a salad with a nice mango tasting dressing. I thought the lamb and malabari chicken sauce was wayyy too salty so I didn’t like it very much. However the butter chicken was really good, next time I think it’s better to just order butter chicken instead.

Last it comes with a dessert, which you have a choice of a few items. I chose the icecream which was a mix of cardemon, rose syrup, almond, pistachio, cashew nuts with biscuit. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture but it just looked like a scoop of vanilla icecream. It was a very pleasant taste if you enjoy rosewater.

I also ordered a Bombay stuffed red pepper on the side.

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