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I heard of a nice thai place near my work place called “Thai Cafe” so I went to try it out during lunch. There is a small parking lot in the area that offers free parking for 2 hours which was nice. It was fairly busy when I arrived but I manage to get the last table so I didn’t have to wait.

I wanted to come here for lunch on my weekend but it was closed so I came during a weekday. It was quite a small place and they had a cheap lunch menu for 8.95 which includes your entree with one spring roll and soup, I believe the soup is replaced with a salad during certain seasons.

I drank the soup before I took this pic

I ordered a spicy Prawn Pad Thai which is stir fried thin rice noodles with tofu, egg and bean sprouts. Choice of tofu, chicken or prawns.

This was very good, a nice blend of flavours but only had 3 prawns in it. The spring roll had a very crispy skin with mostly white noodles inside, and the spring roll sauce had a nice sweet taste.

Next was a Chicken Kang Dang which is red coconut milk curry with bell peppers, basil leaves and bamboo shoots. Choice of chicken, pork, beef or tofu.

I really enjoyed this dish, you can really taste the coconut milk and I asked for this one to be extra spicy so it had a nice kick to it.

I would definately come here again, very good price for the amount of food, I just wish it was open during the weekday for lunch and not just during dinner so I don’t feel so rushed.

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