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I have been craving Malaysian food and decided to try a little thai place up the street called Bo Laksa King Bubbles and Bits. It was a very small place but very cozy. I wasn’t carrying my Canon T1i with me at the time so I took these pics with my Blackberry 9700.

 Started off with 2 appetizers.

Roti Canai – Authentic South-East Asian pastry pancake served with curry chicken dipping sauce.

It was pretty good, bread was moist and crunchy.

2nd appetizer was Tom Kha – You have a choice of chicken or shrimp in straw mushrooms and coconut broth flavoured with galangal, kaffir lime, hot pepper, lemon grass, and lime juice.

This was the best Tom Kha I have tried so far, very tasty with lots of flavour. It wasn’t spicy enough for me so I crushed the hot pepper that was in the soup and it was perfect!

Next was Laksa – Your choice of vermicelli or yellow noodle served with tiger prawn, fish ball, tofu puff, hard boil egg, chicken and house make authentic flavour coconuts curry broth.

I chose Yellow noodles, this was not as good as I was hoping for. I will try to make one of my own home made recipes next time and post it!

Pad Thai – Thai rice noodle, eggs, shrimps, extra firm tofu, Chinese chives, dried chilli peppers, banana flower, bean sprouts, preserved turnip, stir fry in house made traditional tamarind sauce.

This dish was soooo good, it had a nice diffrent taste from the usual pad thai’s I had. Squeeze the lime on top and mix it up a bit, the flavours go together nicely.

They had a deal of the day for the dessert, unfortunately I can’t remember what it was called!

I did not enjoy this dessert very much, it tasted quite bland. But overall everything else was quite good and the price is decent. I would definately try again

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